Custom Fabrication



Impact Audio's Custom Services

If your dream vehicle is something that gets built and not bought, then you have come to the right place. Impact Audio has one of the most extensive custom fabrication facilities in the area. Our idea of a stock vehicle is a clean sheet of paper that is just waiting to be turned into a rolling work of art. Here are some important questions to ask yourself.

  • Is music an important part of your life?
  • Do you like hearing every nuance in the music?
  • Or creating concert-level sound at any time?
  • Do you want to have all of your car’s stereo equipment looking like the vehicle manufacturer made it that way?
  • Would you like to open up your vehicle and watch everyone’s jaws drop in amazement at the wildest installation they have ever seen?
  • Do you think your audio system should be free of noise, clicks and pops?
  • Should your audio system be reliable, bringing you enjoyment for many years?

If you answered yes to these questions, then Audio Designs & Custom Graphics should be on your short list to visit. Our team of highly skilled and expertly trained staff have decades of experience in designing and installing audio systems that others only dream of building.

Custom Lighting

Do you want the outside of your vehicle to get people looking the instant you pull into a parking lot? Our team are experts at modifying headlight, fog light and tail light housings. Would you like halo rings? Maybe change them from chrome to the color of your vehicle? How about HID or LED lighting? Did you know it can be reliable? It is all about the installation.


Custom Vehicle Wrap

If you have always wanted to change the color of your vehicle, let’s talk about a custom wrap. At any time, you can go back to the original color. In the meantime, the wrap not only looks great but protects the original finish as well.


Custom Interiors

Would you like interior modifications done but don’t want to buy off-the-shelf parts that fit poorly, and look like everyone else’s vehicle? We understand. With our in-house CNC and hydrodipping machines, we can create one-off products for you that have factory-grade fit and finish. And the finish – oh, boy! Imagine having hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from for your interior and exterior trim items. While carbon fiber is great, it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can offer you.


Custom Fabrication To Make A Vehicle YOUR Vehicle

Impact Audio can build you something no one has ever seen before, and do it at a quality that will leave you speechless. Isn’t that what customization is all about? Building your vehicle to be an extension of who you are – your likes, your tastes, your desires – to make it uniquely yours.